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Huntly East Subsidence Policy

The Huntly East Subsidence Policy

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There is a defined area in Huntly known as the Huntly subsidence policy area. It relates to the Crowns mining of the south section of the Huntly East coal mine. Properties are classified as either being protected (covered) or not protected (not covered) under the policy. Those that are not protected (not covered) are due to the Crown having purchased the property at some point and the property being on sold to another party.  

If a property is still protected there are provisions in the policy for repair or purchase of the property by the Crown should there be any damage caused to the property that was mining related. It also means that that should an owner with a protected property wish to sell their property they may choose to do so either by listing the property for sale and marketing directly to the potential buyers (usually you will see these properties advertised as 'protected under the Huntly East Subsidence Policy') or by taking advantage of provisions in the policy for the Crown to purchase.  There is a procedure in place for this which your sales consultant can explain in detail to you.