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Te Kauwhata

Te Kauwhata Town & Surrounds

The beauty of the North Waikato goes far beyond the rolling green hills and stimulates all the senses. Fresh clean air to breathe, delectable regional delights to tempt your taste buds and the tranquil sounds of nature and above all room to build a future.


Originally known as Wairangi and settled by Maori, the first European settlers arrived in Te Kauwhata around 1860 and began cultivating areas around Lake Waikare.In 1866 a government experimental farm was established researching different vegetable, fruit, berry and grape crops. Signor Romeo Bragato was appointed Viticulturist for New Zealand in 1901 and the station grew vast quantities of grapes. Subsequently land surrounding Te Kauwhata became very intensive in orchards and grape vines. The viticultural station has since been sold to private interests and the area is still well established in vineyards.


Te Kauwhata has everything you could ask for with location, quality education options, warm community spirit, sporting and leisure activities, employment opportunities and first class health services. A rural town with a population of 1194 (2006 Census), Te Kauwhata services the greater rural communities of Waerenga (1785, 2006 Census), Whangamarino, Whangape and Rangiriri Wards of the Waikato District Council. With more land being subdivided and demand growing for this desirable lifestyle location, Te Kauwhata is poised on the edge of a major growth explosion both in a residential and commercial sense.



Situated between Auckland Hamilton, Te Kauwhata is in the unique position of being a well serviced town without being a major thorough-fare. With the four lane expressway between Mercer and Huntly in the final stages it is easily accessible for those wishing to commute to work, an option more and more families are taking up. On the edge of Lake Waikare, the third largest lake in the North Island, residents have the Whangamarino Wetlands on their doorstep. These Wetlands are recognised by the United Nations as one of five New Zealand Wetlands sites.


Te Kauwhata offers both Primary and Secondary school education servicing the local and outlying rural families. Eighty percent of children travel to these schools via the school bus service. Class sizes are generally smaller than their city counterparts offering children greater individual and personal interaction with both teachers and fellow students.


Hampton Downs Motorsport Park

The 180ha Hampton Downs Motorsport Park in the North Waikato is probably unique in the world with its range of activities on one site. Hampton Downs is strategically placed only forty minutes from Central Auckland and Hamilton.


Spring Hill Corrections Facility

An environmental impact assessment completed in July 2002 concluded that construction and operation of the facility is anticipated to bring substantial economic benefits to the North Waikato districts. In particular there would be increased employment, incomes and business profits as well as broadening of the economic base of the district. Spring Hill Corrections Facility (SHCF) opened in 2007 and was the final and largest of the four new facilities built as part of the Regional Prisons Development Project.


Sport and Leisure

Te Kauwhata offers a diverse range of clubs and leisure activities including Pony Clubs, Bowling, Squash, Scottish Dancing, and Golf. There is also the Country Womens Institute, Senior Citizens Club, Historical Society, Lions Club and the Masonic Lodge to name but a few.